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I donít think we would have achieved as high a score as we did without Susan. We almost got a perfect score. She was very instrumental in our success.

— Former CMO of a health plan

Susan performed well within our organization to achieve results that truly reflected our status. She worked diligently to develop my staff in helping them meet and exceed the NCQA standards. My staff was extremely prepared for the survey. Youíre an idiot if you donít use her.

— A Director of Quality Improvement Operations

She helped tremendously!

— A CEO of a Midwest health plan

When the NCQA surveyors came, they didnít ask any questions to the level that Susan had prepared us. Susan absolutely knows what she is doing. Sheís outstanding.

— Kathy Kendall, CEO, McLaren Health Plan

There is no way you can get through NCQA accreditation without a consultant or someone within your organization with deep NCQA understanding. If it hadnít been for Susan, we wouldnít have come close to the score we achieved. I feel like a totally different person in my understanding of NCQA standards after working with Susan.

— A Director of Operations

Susan brought knowledge of how to prepare for the survey and, after reviewing our preparedness, recommended steps that we take for best results. She is an independent thinker that doesnít give stock answers. Her input was very good.

— A Vice President

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